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Corporate Overview

Our objective is to provide an insight into the different businesses, which make up the Samuel Group.

These entities include: Samuel Associates, Samuel Technologies, Samuel People and the Policy Insights Forum.

After viewing the video, you will have a greater appreciation for each business and the type of services it provides.

About Us

The Samuel Group advises Leaders and Organizations in navigating Private and Public sector over the horizon issues, and opportunity development to prepare them for future business growth, sustainability and prosperity.


Influencing Canada’s tomorrow by Inspiring its
Leaders of today.


To help our Clients reach their full potential through
real and demonstrated results.


Applying integrity, ethical conduct, and innovative excellence in all our activities.

Our Identity and Purpose

Our Identity and Purpose

The Samuel Group’s iconic blue square and torch emblem symbolizes our commitment to clarity, wisdom, and forward-thinking.  

The blue square represents stability, depth, and trust, fundamental values of our organization. The torch, a beacon of light, represents our drive to illuminate the path to progress, igniting novel ideas and creating transformative solutions. Conjoined, they embody the Samuel Group’s commitment to unswerving service and Innovative Excellence.

The Samuel Group’s motto Innovative Excellence™️ encapsulates our core belief that continuous Innovation, and the relentless pursuit of Excellence are the two keys to Success. It exemplifies our commitment to maintaining a forward-thinking approach, while providing the highest quality of services and solutions to our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our maxim also reminds us to continually push boundaries, redefine standards, and exceed expectations.

Our Group of Companies


Samuel Associates Inc. is a non-partisan government relations firm and strategic consultancy.

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Samuel People, Inc. is a human resource strategy, training and professional development company, which supports public-private sector executives

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Samuel Technologies Inc. specializes in international technology transfers to Canada, business acquisitions and dispositions, and integrated digital solutions

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Policy Insights

Policy Insights Forum (PIF) is a non-partisan Canadian NGO, focusing on strategic over-the-horizon public policy matters, and decision-making, through independent research, analysis and engagement

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