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Meet the Samuel Group CEO

About Goran Samuel Pesic

For over three decades Goran Samuel Pesic has been an influential figure in business, politics, defense, and national security. As the CEO and Chairman of the Samuel Group of Companies, he oversees a diverse portfolio of businesses and organizations.

Goran serves as a registered lobbyist in both Washington, D.C., and Ottawa, where he manages influential government relations firms such as the Samuel Group D.C. in Washington and Samuel Associates in Ottawa.

His other business enterprises also include Samuel Technologies, which specializes in international technology transfers; Quantox Canada, a software development and engineering firm; Samuel People, which focuses on HR management and workforce transformation; and Samuel Strategies, known for its expertise in crisis management and strategic communications.

Dedicated to societal progress, Goran founded and leads the Samuel Institute, an NGO that aims to cultivate future leadership across various sectors, emphasizing HR strategies and education.

He also leads the Policy Insights Forum (PIF), a strategic think tank that engages in public policy discussions on subjects like industrial defense diplomacy, emerging technologies, and the evolving challenges of the environment and economy.

In the earlier stages of his career, Goran played a key role at the Canadian Commercial Corporation, where he developed and implemented international trade strategies that facilitated successful government-to-government projects in energy, infrastructure, and foreign military sales to allied nations.

His professional experience extends to the Middle East, where he was instrumental in setting up CAE Inc.'s Defense and Security Regional Office in the UAE, to serve the GCC military markets.

In the political arena, Goran has offered important insights and leadership as a senior political advisor to the Minister of International Trade at Global Affairs Canada and the federal Minister of Public Safety.

Before his political roles, he led influential think tanks like the Atlantic Council of Canada and the Council on Transatlantic Relations.

An academically accomplished U.S. National Security Fulbright Scholar, Goran studied at the University of California and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

His career exemplifies his steadfast dedication, visionary leadership, and commitment to service.